Moleroda manufactures and supplies an extensive range of tools and equipment for polishing, deburring and finishing any material.

We supply industry and hobbyists. 

Moleroda products are manufactured here in our UK factory. 

To all Moleroda customers, please note that our production and distribution facilities remain fully operational during these challenging times.

Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers by preventing the spread of the COVID-19 is our priority. Therefore we would like to share some updates with you:

  • We’ve restricted all travel and visits that could risk the health of our clients and employees.
  • Our sales and customer service continue to operate by phone, email and on online.
  • Our UK based production and distribution facility remains operational with preventive measures.

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Precision Engineering

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of finishing tools for precision engingeers.

Casting Finishing Tools

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of tools for finishing products produced using casting.

Mould Tool Finishing

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of equipment for finishing mould tool products.

Plastics & Non-Metals

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of polishing equipment for plastics and non-metals.

3D Printing

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of finishing tools for 3D printing operations.

Jewellery Making

Manufacturer and supplier of a range of finishing tools for the jewellery making industry.


Manufacturer and supplier of a range of tools for the fabrication industry.

Hobby Tools

julian polishied car

We stock a range of tools and equipment for polishing and finishing all kinds of materials.

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Moleroda stocks over 3,000 products for polishing, deburring and finishing all types of materials.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch.

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Moleroda is now Europe's largest stockist of Micro-Mesh

Mico-Mesh is an ultra-fine polishing cloth for ultrafine polishing and cleaning. Ideal for plastic, glass, acrylics, aluminium, and steels.

Micro-Mesh is a revolutionary cushioned abrasive made with a cloth backing, followed by a layer of specially formulated latex. Silicon carbide or aluminium oxide grit is bonded on the ultra-fine cloth with flexible glue and is perfect for polishing, cleaning, and finishingWhen pressure is applied, the Micro-Mesh crystals recede and rotate creating a very fine, uniform scratch pattern

What can Moleroda and Rosler do for you?

Visit our offices to see our Rosler vibratory finishing machines and vibro trough machines in action. Find out how these machines could help your mass finishing requirements.

Many Precision engineering companies believe highly sensitive parts cannot be mass finished, however we are working on more delicate processes where sharp edges are turned into keen edges and elements such as threads can be finishing without any damage or over processing. The parts are left with a bright finish and a consistent surface.

Moleroda's Manufacturing facility

Moleroda is the UK's largest felt and specialist abrasive polishing, deburring product manufacturer. Our UK factory makes products in felt, non-woven abrasives, Unitized, calico, wood and abrasive cloths/papers.

Moleroda Online Shop

We supply a large range of consumables and machinery including mass finishing equipment. We manufacture and stock over 5,000 deburring, finishing and polishing products. Visit our online shop

Worldwide Shipping

We export to over 20 countries worldwide, our biggest export to Germany. We also offer our expertise to a wide range of finishing industries including, mould tool and die, medical, aerospace, fabrication, sculpture and jewellery.