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Very Powerful NEW Polishing Unit Very Powerful NEW Polishing Unit

Click to see the A-STAR ROTARY SYSTEM

Moleroda's Newest machine - The High Torque High Speed Polishing and Deburring System.
* Up to 40,000 RPM * 200 Watts * UNDER £600!!

Polishing Kits Polishing Kits

Click to see Molerodas full range of Polishing Kits

We have a large range of kits so if your just starting polishing and want to try out some products this is the best place to start.
Mounted Felt Products Mounted Felt Products

Click to see Moleroda's Mounted Felt Range

Bobs, Bullnose, Cones, Dental - You name it we will make it for you.
Huge range or Size, Spindles, Hardness, Shape
Abrasive Nylon Products Abrasive Nylon Products

Click to see Moleroda's Abrasive Nylon Range

Abrasive Nylon - Mounted Wheels, Lap Disc Mops, Hand Pads, Keyway Wheels
Electric Micro Motors  Electric Micro Motors

Click to see Moleroda's Eneska range

Moleroda has a huge range of electric tools for polishing and grinding.
NEW Belt FilerNEW Belt Filer

Click to see the Belt File - Air and Electric driven

Belt File for detailed linishing and polishing
Comes with a choice of up to 4 arms
To See New Polishing Demo Videos Click Here

We have made some new tutorial demo videos to help show what our products can be used for and help you on the way

All the products used in the videos can be purchased here online

If you have any questions please contact us.
New Tutorial Videos
Help for Heroes - Please Support This Charity
Help for Heroes - Please Support This Charity

Help For Heroes

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Best Selling Items

19mm Radial Discs / Wheels Unmounted EACH

19mm Radial Discs / Wheels Unmounted EACH


Radial Discs are especially suited for processing soft metals, aluminium and non-ferrous heavy metals to a high-gloss finish. Very popular in the Jewellery making industries. Precision Engineers use these for deburring and cleaning threads and also for cleaning detailed areas as they are very flexible.

Radial Discs are well suited for deburring hard plastics, veneers and acrylics. The flaps of impregnated plastic keep very cool while working.
The range of grades allow many process from cutting, deburring, cleaning to texturing and polishing.

Use with Mandrels MM503 on 3mm spindle or MM503 3/32 spindle - will hold up to 6 discs. They should be used with at least 3 Radial discs on the mandrel.

Other diameters are available.

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2000D - Cut & Colour Polishing Compound for all metals

2000D - Cut & Colour Polishing Compound for all metals


Cut and high colour bar. One operation on stainless. Good bar for all metals including cutting on brass, aluminium etc but will leave a good finish (not totally mirror but good). Less greasy than other compounds.
This is one of our very popular bars as it can be used for so many applications. I would highly recommend trying it.
Mop recommendations: Stitched Mops, Hard & Soft Loose fold

Colour - Light Green

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ABRACUT - Highest Cut Compound - V.Popular

ABRACUT - Highest Cut Compound - V.Popular


The highest cut compound for all ferrous metals, stainless steel and harder metals. Use with dry and impregnated sisals to remove machine or linishing lines. This is a pre-polish compound ideal for use before a finsihing compound.

Colour - dark grey

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Restoration kit 54 - Scotchbrite mops and a taper

Restoration kit 54 - Scotchbrite mops and a taper


The perfect restoration / polishing kit - is your metal bike, lights, car parts, antique, caravan, boat, garden furniture … anything metal looking a bit dull or oxidised or scratched and just giving it a wipe down not quite doing what you want. This kit is the quickest, easiest and cost effective way to revive your metal object.


Kit contains:

4 - 60mm (2 1/2" diameter) Green MEDIUM nylon abrasive wheels - ideal for a smooth fine finish
4 - 60mm (2 1/2" diameter) COARSE Nylon Abrasive Wheel - ideal for rust removal and deeper scratches.
A taper mandrel which will easily fit into any drill

What the kit will do:

This is a very useful and diverse kit. The coarser mop is ideal for all scratch removal, rust removal, and general polishing. The green mop is a bit finer and gives a shiny brushed finish. Ideal for bring a bit of life back into your old metal items. These mops are also smaller than most so allow work into smaller areas.
These can be used ON ANY METAL. Ideal for polishing your: bike, car, tools, anything that you want to bring a shine back too!!
An ideal size for jewellers and antique restorers.

How to use the kit:

Simply use a mandrel into a rotary tool such as a standard drill or an air tool and twist on the mops. Spin the mops onto the metal you wish to clean/ polish. Start with the coarse mop then move on to the green mop for a finer finish. This is much easier to use rather than mops and compounds. No compound is required the mops already contain grit!

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Loosefold Mop 6" x 1"

Loosefold Mop 6

Loosefold Mop
6" Diameter x 1" Wide
Mop Grading - See Description
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8" - Dry Sisal Mop


EDM Stone - 1/2" x 1/16" Rectangular

COMPOUND SUNBLUE - Fine Calcined Alumina - for steel polishing

COMPOUND SUNBLUE - Fine Calcined Alumina - for steel polishing


COMPOUND 300B - Sunblue
Fine calcined alumina for colour mirror finsih on stainless steel and all non ferrous metals. Fine scratch finish on stainless. Blue finish grade.
Mop Recommendations: Airflows & Loosefolds

Colour - Blue

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Abrasive flap wheels with keyway

Abrasive flap wheels with keyway


Abrasive flap wheel 100 x 100 x Keyway
This fits onto an Angle Grinder with a key way fitting. See below the Fain angle grinder.
This is an excellent tool for all metal work, especially for working on large flat plates.
The abrasive nylon is excellent for deburring and polishing large flat plates. pick a grade for your application.

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Starter Jewellery Making Kit Pendant Motor + Kit 59

Starter Jewellery Making Kit Pendant Motor + Kit 59


****Special Offer*****

Amazing Metal Craft Polishing Kit with Pendant Motor and a Polishing & Grinding Kit
This Kit is ideal for students and people who are just starting out in the metal craft trade.

The kits comes with a Low Cost but HIGH Performance Pendant Motor, it is easy to use with an accelerator style food control. This tool has very high torque and variable speed it's also easy to use and hold. It is ideal for small detailed work on wood, plastic and metal.
This tool will speed up any grinding process and is much more efficient than a Dremel or a Proxxon style tool.

This kit also come with Polishing Kit 59. The perfect kit to start out with comes with:
3x Bars of Polishing Compound Rouge - Precious metals Blue & Brown-Cutting and Finishing on Aluminium , Brass etc.
3 x Diamond Points
4 x Carbide Burrs
7 x Pink Vitrified Grinding Points
5 x selection of Brass, Nylon, Hair in Wheels, Cups, Pencils
2 x Abrasive Rubber Points
2 x Polishing / Felt Buffing Bobs
4 x Polishing / Felt Buffing Wheels + Mandrel
2 x Soft Calico Mops
1 x Abrasive Nylon Mop

This LY128 Pendant Motor comes complete with:
Flexible shaft
Fixed straight hand piece
Foot Control
(Stand not included but can be easily hung from most places)

Maximum no load speed 16,000 rpm
Power 550 watt output - Lots of torque
Flexible shaft length: 42" (1090mm)
Hand piece chuck capacity: 0 - 4mm
Will spin an object with up to 40mm diameter

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Unitized Point 3mmx10mmx3sp Choose the Grit

Unitized Point 3mmx10mmx3sp Choose the Grit


Unitized Bobs
3mm Diameter x 10mm on a 3mm spindle

Price is for a Pack of 10

Available in three grits
Black Fine 240grit
Red Medium 120grit
Blue Coarse 80g

Use on all metals including Stainless Steel, hardened steels, aluminium, brass.

This material is very new and will be the next big thing!

It is essentially a compressed scotchbrite but it will NOT leave a matt finish. It quite aggressive and will remove casting marks and machine lines but also leave a bright finish which is easy to polish up from.

This Material can be used and is effective for deburring, smoothening sharp machined corners, removing casting marks, scratches, rust,
the list goes on and on....

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Small White Stitched mops 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch mops

Small White Stitched mops 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch mops

Smaller stitched polishing mops are the most common polishing mop. These mops are made from soft layers of calico which have been stitched together to give rigidity. These are most the versatile mop and could be used as a one operation for a general polishing. These mops can be used with a cutting compound or a finishing compound and will do both jobs. It is effect for work on aluminium, brass, iron, stainless steel, copper really any metal.
Please select the diameter of mop you require and also the thickness of mop. All the mops come with leather washers and are generally made for use on a polisher but these smaller ones can be used with a mandrel for polishing with a drill or angle grinder.

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Large White Stitched mops 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch polishing mops

Large White Stitched mops 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch polishing mops

White stitch mops for polishing large metal parts in both aluminium and steel. These larger mops 8, 10 and 12 inch mops are ideal for use on a bench polisher or on a floor standing polisher for polishing larger metal parts.
The stitch mops are a soft cotton material which have layers of stitching to create a rigid mop. This can be used for general polishing with a green compound. Its normally used as a middle stage mop but often will leave a bright enough finish in one hit.

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